Natural Gas

January 9, 2012 - With the development of new techniques for extraction of natural gas from tight sands, whole new potential development opportunities have opened up in the US. Just six years ago, the US was anticipating a declining natural gas market with increased imports.  Today, the US is poised to lead the world in natural gas production and is developing an export market. 

While traditional energy generation states are updating their regulations, enforcement and permitting processes for the new technologies, many other states are developing exploration regulations and oversight commissions for the first time.  

Some states have instituted moratoria on drilling until they have developed an adequate regulatory platform, others are developing their regulations through an iterative process.


Today's Interview is with Former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, Jr.

In Colorado, Governor Bill Ritter (2007-2011) instituted the nation's leading natural gas devleopment regulations, overhauling the state's regulatory commission, re-writing the rules and then transitioning a portion of their electrical generation from coal to natural gas.  Since leaving office in 2011 and starting the Center for the New Energy Economy, Governor Ritter has worked with many states around the country, helping them think about how to craft such regulations and sharing best practices from around the nation. 

In this week's episode, we speak with Governor Bill Ritter about the key components of a robust regulatory regime that will allow environmentally responsible drilling practices.


Notes on Interview with Governor Bill Ritter

NCSL Policy Maker's Guide on Hydraulic Fracturing - The National Conference of State Legislators is a terrific source of information for background information in developing legislation.

Colorado - HB 07-1341 Legislation establishing Oil and Gas Regulatory Commission (Oil and Gas Conservation Commission) makeup and responsibilities.

Ohio - SB 315 establishing oil and gas exploration regulations

Colorado - HB 10-1365 converting older coal plants to natural gas

Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission fact sheet on hydrolic fracturing and regulations

Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission proposed rules on water sampling

Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission proposed rules on setbacks

Proposed Californial Hydraulic Fracturing Regulations

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